Mobile to

Scheduled Bus Service


Through a grant from the Federal Department of Transportation, administered by the Alabama Department of Transportation, Capital Trailways of Montgomery, Alabama announces New Daily Scheduled Bus Service from Mobile to Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

This bus service will now serve the communities of Mt. Vernon, Jackson, Grove Hill, Thomasville, Pine Hill, Camden, Selma, Marion and Brent, Alabama. You can use the bus in these communities to get to Mobile and Tuscaloosa to make connections with Greyhound to further your travels.

You will have the ability to take the bus to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to meet the Amtrak train to Atlanta, and up the east coast, or down to New Orleans. You can use the bus service to Tuscaloosa to go to any of the colleges or the University. A passenger will have the ability to use the bus to Selma Alabama to take in all of the rich history this community holds.

All along the route, a resident in Jackson, Alabama may wish to use the bus to Thomasville, Alabama for shopping, or a family member can use the bus to Jacksonville, Alabama to visit family, or shop in any of the fine stores there.

For more information call 1-800-553-9000

You can also reach us at one of the following phone numbers:

Montgomery 334-832-4166
Colonial 1-800-233-1981
Southern 1-800-303-7860


2012 Capital, Colonial, and Southern Trailways, 520 North Court Street, Montgomery AL 36104 US
Toll Free: 1-800-553-9000    Montgomery 334-832-4166    Colonial 1-800-233-1981    Southern 1-800-303-7860